Last MTB season I was blown away when I was nominated to be part of Pinkbike's "Picture of the Year" contest. Being up against the most talented photographers in the MTB world really sparked new inspiration in me. This year I wanted to take my creativity and photography to a new level and produce a few images that I had only dreamed of. Along with MTB friends, Mother Nature played the biggest role of all this season, but we worked hard, I did my research and we got more than lucky. We witnessed the most breath taking, stunning and out of this world weather we have ever seen! One of the hardest things for me this season was not sharing any of these photos with you until I had my 3 dream shots. I wanted to have a solid set for POY and the launch of my website.

I took my first Aurora photo almost 2 years ago. Since then I have been a little bit comsumed with chasing the magical lights. In the last couple of years I have learned a lot about what they are, where they come from, how to monitor them and ultimately how to photograph them. After I was confident in capturing the lights and had a few shots under my belt, my vision changed. I knew we had to ride under the Aurora! Two years of talking about it, planning and really wondering if we could pull it off, the idea fell onto the back burner a little. I had not seen the lights In months but with a new moon scheduled for that week and the skies perfectly clear, the weather conditions seemed to be ideal. Then, it happened. The mother of all space storms was headed for us. The information I gathered on this storm predicted a lot of activity but we did not expect to see the most amazing thing our eyes had ever seen! This was the peak and highlight of the storm. Wavey greens that swirled up from the horizon and purple pillars that streched over head. This has to be the trickiest photo I have ever taken. It involved exposing the image for the Aurora, city lights, off camera flashes, head lamp and timing of highway traffic all while rubbing our eyes in disbelief and amazement! I hope you all enjoy what we have created.

Rider: Matt Brooks of Lone Wolf Productions

Kamloops B.C. Canada

This summer I had one of the most funtastic days behind and in front of the camera. I mean, how much fun can you have when Brett Tippie phones you on the way to town and wants you to be on a national TV show with him? The answer is A LOT! The next day I met up with Tippie and the UnderExposed TV film crew. After a long hot day in the summer heat. The sun had started its decent to the horizon, so we headed up to ridge for one final take. It was the perfect setting to cap our day off. Tippie nailed his line dropping into the pits, and Kamloops delivered another jaw dropping sunset!

Rider:Brett Tippie

Kamloops B.C. Canada

Last season, Sun Peaks Resort added a rad trail "Apline XC" to their already amazing trail network. These trails take you on an amazing journey through fields of green, blooming purples, calming streams and hidden lakes. The rolling hills, shale rocks and landscape makes you feel like you aren't in Kamloops anymore. After a 2.5 hour pedal and shoot we hit the summit of Todd Mountain, the farthest and highest point on the trail network. Once there, we had a good chill and breather before our final photo opportunity and night ride to the bottom. With the clouds perfectly layered and the sun setting in an ideal spot, we knew it was going to be amazing. After what we thought was last light when the sun sunk behind the last layer of clouds, the sky gave us one last surprise and painted the clouds with bright pastel colors that made us feel like we were in a painting.

Riders: Dylan Sherrard & Kurtis Walton

Sun Peaks Resort B.C. Canada

Last years photo that was nominated for the top 32 MTB photos of 2014

Dylan Sherrard

Sun Peaks B.C. Canada.

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