The Recipe for a Rad Day at Sun Peaks Resort Bike Park

Summer at Sun Peaks is RAD. So rad, in fact, we find it overwhelming at times. To help ensure that everyone has the raddest time possible this summer, we've enlisted the help of Dylan Sherrard, Steve Riffel, and all their friends to provide a comprehensive guide that will help you discover a rad time at Sun Peaks Resort. Ingredients The only mandatory ingredients you'll require for a rad time are your bike and your friends. If you don't have these, bikes and friends are easy to find at Sun Peaks. Let's begin. Step 1 - Wake up slow with coffee and crepes.

Step 2 - Stretch yerself before you wreck yourself.

Step 3 - Drop In!

Step 4 - Flick it out.

Step 5 - Get your drift on.

Step 6 - Enjoy the floating feeling.

Step 7 - Make a nice Nac-Nac.

Step 8 - Chase the groms. They have all the sneaky lines.

Step 9 - Blast off.

Step 10 - Go full gas.

Step 11 - Keep it sideways.

Step 12 - Turn it up.

Step 13 - Re-Fuel.

Step 14 - Lean into the fast lane.

Step 15 - Kick the day in the face.

Step 16 - Go Deep.

Step 17 - Start pedalling.

Step 18 - Discuss the level of radness.

Step 19 - Smell the flowers.

Step 20 - Stand still for a moment and enjoy being here. Good luck catching your breath.

Step 21 - Race the sun.

Step 22 - Sink deep into Shred Stoke.

Step 23 - Race your mates.

Step 24 - Celebrate the wins.

Step 25 - Screeeeech.

Step 26 - Grab a beer.

Step 27 - Or Two.

Step 28 - Catch the show.

Step 29 - Relax and see where the night takes you.

Step 30 - Make good choices. You're going to want to repeat this list again tomorrow.

ENJOY! The Sun Peaks Bike Park opens on Friday, June 24, offering lift access to an enormous trail network spanning all ability levels and the entire spectrum of riding styles from cross country to downhill. New this summer are extended lift operating hours, an extra two hours means you can lap the park into cooler evening temperatures until 7:00 pm.

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